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A Clash of Powers: Competing Over Governance and Problem-Solving in the Future

My co-author in the #CrowdedSeas work, @SCheneyPeters, shared an article last week from The Guardian, “Thailand disrupts attempts to launch migrant rescue ship operation.”  The article related how the private charity organization, Migrant Offshore Aid Station, which runs search-and-rescue operations for migrants and refugees at sea, was repeatedly thwarted in its attempts to receive and […]

Trends vs. Emerging Issues: What is the Difference?

When it comes to thinking about the future, just about everyone will at some point come around to talking about trends.  A trend speaks to changes that we have been measuring, which means there’s normally quantitative data points (doesn’t that make everyone feel better J), and we can’t but help extrapolate into the future whatever […]

Reflections on Environmental Scanning and Being a Futurist

As someone who entered the workforce (in that full time, leaving-college sense) just when the “internet” was becoming a thing in our daily lives, I still remember what professional office life was like before everyone had a computer on their desk, before everyone had a pager (much less a cell phone), and long before everyone […]

Threat Assessments and Framing Emerging Issues

The US Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, presented a statement on the US Intelligence Community’s worldwide threat assessment to the Senate two days ago, and the paper itself has been making the rounds on the Web.  In the statement the DNI references broad topical issues like the IoT and AI, as well as regional […]

Unbounded Conflict: mutable, multilateral conflict in the 21st C.

War has always had the tendency to spiral to the extreme, so it isn’t much of a surprise when we witness conflicts evolve, entrench, and expand, but today it feels increasingly legitimate to say we could be witnessing the emergence of a new period in human conflict.  To identify an “emerging issue,” I would call […]

Emerging Issues for Conflict & Security

We’ve just released our new report on emerging issues for the futures of conflict and security.  Intended as a resource for those working on conflict & security foresight projects, the report provides a multilayered inventory of potential emerging issues that can be used to help build out forecasting and scenario projects.  The report is meant […]

S-curving Defense and Security Sources

Clients will often be surprised at the breadth of ideas about emerging issues that academically-trained and professional futurists have on hand at any one time.  This is, generally speaking, the result of most of us engaging in the habitual practice of scanning, which is simply reading through lots and lots and lots of stuff on […]