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4 Quick and Clean Scenarios for the New Year

Now that both feet are firmly planted in the New Year, it’s time to share our 2017 “Quick and Clean” scenarios for conflict and security.  Using the quick and clean scenario framework from the 4 Steps model (see below the line), we have quickly developed four scenarios about conflict and security looking out over the […]

Ethical Robot Design

A recent article in The Guardian cited an April 2016 report from the British Standards Institute that attempts to lay out guidelines for the ethical design and use of robotics.  The report itself has to be purchased (£158), but the post lists a few of the areas it addresses: robot deception robot addiction self-learning systems […]

Defense Futures: The Booklet (version 1)

I have combined two previous posts, Defense Futures: Why All of Our Scenarios Should Be Disruptive, and Defense Futures, Part II: Sampling Disruptive Scenarios, into a single document, Defense Futures 2016 v1.0.  The content is the same as those presented in the original posts, and the material is now formatted to be printed as a […]

Scenarios for Higher Ed in Hawai’i

Last year we worked with Kaua’i Community College on some foresight work prior to their strategic planning efforts.  In a workshop with a very engaged group of faculty, staff, and community stakeholders, we looked back at the history of community colleges, explored some of the trends and emerging issues shaping change, and developed a set […]

Emerging Issues for Conflict & Security

We’ve just released our new report on emerging issues for the futures of conflict and security.  Intended as a resource for those working on conflict & security foresight projects, the report provides a multilayered inventory of potential emerging issues that can be used to help build out forecasting and scenario projects.  The report is meant […]