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How do *you* think people will be using blockchain technology in 2025?

Since I last posted anything about blockchain, the buzz, the bombast, and the bureaucratic committees have been metastasizing at a rapid pace.  Research reports are being written, lectures are being given, government think tanks are being organized. I’m still interested in what you think.  More importantly, I’m interested in what you imagine people will do with this […]

5 Steps to Establishing Foresight in Your Organization

It’s 2016 now and despite the growing research against making huge new year resolutions, it’s still a perfect time to take stock, make plans, and make changes. With that in mind, we’d like to offer some suggestions on how your organization could work on establishing foresight as a process and function within your organization. In […]

Blockchain Futures and Blockchain Training

Blockchain Futures There’s still time to contribute your story about the future of blockchain applications and its impacts on society. The Sensemaker collection is still open and we continue to receive contributions. If you have any thoughts about how blockchains could be will be used in the future please do submit them today! Blockchain Training […]

Exploring the Near-Term Futures for Greece

What’s your near-term future story for Greece and the EZ? Pls share! If it were Christmas 2015 and you were explaining to a teenager what happened to Greece and the EZ over the last six months, since the referendum in Greece in July 2015, what story would you tell? what’s your scenario for the near-term future of Greece and […]