Three Narrative Realms for Machines in Conflict & Security

In a previous post I wrote about starting to view the world in terms of three “ecosystems”: natural, human social, and machine.  This approach should be useful for anyone wanting to think more critically about the future of machines in general and about human-machine interactions in particular.

In a similar fashion, one could take a slightly different approach with three other lenses to more critically think through the futures of machines in conflict.  Taking inspiration from the classic categories of basic stories in literature (man vs. man, man vs. self, man vs. nature), one could set up three “narrative realms” in which to consider and explore the futures of machines and conflict.

  • Human vs. human conflict: what are all the ways that machines will impact this realm?
  • Human vs. machine conflict: what are the possibilities in this realm?
  • Machine vs. machine conflict: what are all the imaginable forms within this realm?

And, of course, every combination thereof.

The value of this approach is to ensure that you don’t miss a big potential category.  Exploring possibilities within each realm makes sure that you explore a very broad set of directions for the evolution of machines and how they might be involved in conflict in the future.

It’s Time for a 3 Worlds View

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