How do *you* think people will be using blockchain technology in 2025?

Since I last posted anything about blockchain, the buzz, the bombast, and the bureaucratic committees have been metastasizing at a rapid pace.  Research reports are being written, lectures are being given, government think tanks are being organized.

I’m still interested in what you think.  More importantly, I’m interested in what you imagine people will do with this much ballyhooed disruptive technology.  What does it do? What could it do?  If you want to review what it does before extrapolating how it might be used, one of the best articles I’ve read recently is by John Lanchester – “When Bitcoin Grows Up,” – here – – which despite the mention of Bitcoin is actually a great overview of blockchain technology.

But I’m trying to map the landscape of “what could it do?” People have suggested performance bonds, and pre-nuptial agreements, and entirely new dimensions to organized crime.  What are all the ways you can imagine blockchain tech will be used in daily life by 2025?  Share your story here:

What is that? It’s a link to a Sensemaker story collector – a site that will give you a space to enter as much of a description of your possible blockchain future that you want to share.  It will then ask you a few questions about your story – in essence, it lets you analyse what you’re sharing.

Want to see how sharing a mini-scenario on Sensemaker works? Look here


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