Revisiting Complex Views of the Global Political Landscape

A couple of years back I had worked on some graphical depictions of the thinking I had been doing about political futures in general and about the futures of the global political landscape.  One of the visualizations ended up being a systems view of what I saw as the important relationships and dynamics that are shaping the futures of governance.


Figure 1: Thinking About the Futures of the Global Political Landscape

One of the things I liked about the resulting graphic was that it incorporated both traditional “systems dynamics” type of modeling (typified by the causal loop diagramming) as well as fitting in some nods to “complex adaptive systems” dynamics, which are generally not so well illustrated in the mainstream literature.

To sum up, I see the dynamics driving change in political life – by which I mean the models and modes of governance we use, not daily “politics” – as of course having both causal relations that are relatively stable as well as dynamics that produce emergent patterns of behavior.


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