25th Anniversary series: Democratic Diversity: the turbulent and diverse futures of popular government

A wonderful (ahem!) new post on “Democratic Diversity,” which I am increasingly anticipating as one of the characteristics of the future, global political landscape.

SAMI Consulting

Democracy, as defined by its Greek originators, has never been the global or even Western norm for government. The governments that we today label as “democratic” are in fact not what the ancient Greeks – or even the American framing fathers – would have called democracies. They are, rather, representative governments, or what political philosophers once called republics. Yet, no other form of government has ever made so great an impression on the imaginations of so many, and few other words in the English language carry such weight and such inherent validity as does democracy. This is so true, in fact, that the common meaning of the word has evolved over time for most people democracy now simply means representative government.

Today, the philosophies and practices of governance are passing through a period of transition and our definitions and models of democratic governance will diversify as political communities around the…

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