Exploring the Near-Term Futures for Greece

What’s your near-term future story for Greece and the EZ? Pls share!

If it were Christmas 2015 and you were explaining to a teenager what happened to Greece and the EZ over the last six months, since the referendum in Greece in July 2015, what story would you tell? what’s your scenario for the near-term future of Greece and Europe?

Take ten minutes and tell us, using Crowdsensor, an activity being running by the 2015 International Risk Assessment and Horizon Scanning Symposium:


We will share the stories and the analysis of common themes. Just before saving, enter the code ‘VFS’ so we can identify how you accessed the link.

We will collect these stories about the future for exactly 24 hours. Then we will reflect the most interesting stories back to you, and ask you what you think of them and what they mean for the rest of us, using MassSense.

Help us demonstrate how lots of people can share stories of possible futures and think through their implications and meaning, together, all over the world.

Thank you!


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