Rigorous Futures: Training Course at WFS 2015

Pre-Conference Foresight Training at the World Future Society 2015 Conference

Dr. Richard Lum and Dr. Wendy Schultz will be running a pre-conference training course in “Rigorous Futures” on Thursday, July 23 in San Francisco at the annual World Future Society conference.  Participants in the special course will be learning to harness logic, creativity, systems thinking, and intuition in exploring the futures.

Attendees will also get to preview some of the practices featured in Dr. Lum’s forthcoming book, 4 Steps to the Future: A Workbook for Creating Foresight.

Duration: 7 hours (9:15 – 12:15; 1:00 – 5:00)

Sponsors: Vision Foresight Strategy and Infinite Futures

Faculty: Dr Richard Lum and Dr Wendy Schultz

Pre-readings and course materials will be available online in advance to registered participants.

Learning objectives: Gain a firm understanding of the basic components of foresight and learn how to integrate multiple futures methods. Practice seven key methods: emerging issues scanning; timelines and the Three Horizons Framework; theories of change and stability; systems mapping; impact mapping; story narratives and archetypes; and visioning using the Verge Framework. Gain confidence in designing foresight activities and projects that combine and layer the seven methods introduced in the class.

Intended participants: Anyone new to futures and foresight who wants an overview of foresight, to learn basic terms, and immediately useful futures tools that can be used separately and in combination; professionals who may have experienced one foresight method and are ready to expand their toolkit and learn to layer and combine different methods to enhance their usefulness.

Takeaways:   Digital take-aways include background readings, explanations of each method, and worksheets for the seven foresight methods covered, all of which will be loaded on a thumb drive for each participant; class output will be photographed and made available the next day via Google Drive.

Session description:

After personal introductions, the facilitators will lead an introductory discussion on core concepts in futures studies and foresight. Participants will then explore: how emerging change generates alternative and preferred futures; how to identify and analyze assumptions underlying our views of change and emergent futures; and practice seven key methods that when linked create a complete futures study, but that are also useful as stand-alone futures exercises.

Come and join us!

Conference registration

World Future Society


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