Getting Hyped About “Super fast” Charging Batteries

Yesterday there was the following piece forwarded around by Fast Company about a new battery that charges your phone in two minutes and is only two years away from mass production.  And it should have a 20-year life span.  And they are making it out of titanium dioxide, which they find in soil.

The upside (and the causes for excitement) for consumers and the environment would seem to be huge.  So, this is an easy development to get hyped about.

And while I absolutely hope this technology comes to market as soon as predicted and with all the attendant benefits, I can’t help but wonder about this technologies future pathway(s) to survival and mass market success in an era in which it seems like every major company (and a whole lot of wanna-be big companies) has “planned obsolescence” as a default component of their business model.

Is the clear consumer benefit (and, it is assumed, willingness to purchase) simply enough to make this awesome-sounding technology a foregone conclusion in the near-term?  Or will its future history be more complicated and its adoption into the mainstream retail ecosystem more… convoluted?

It will be interesting to see.


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